PyCon 2013 Talks/Tutorials I want to see

  • Thu 23 August 2012

  • PyDanny posted on his blog the other day and I thought I'd do a post on talks/tutorials at PyCon 2013.


    • I'm not a developer. I'm a Sys Admin.

    • I've been using Python less than a year, and I've largely been focused on a couple of Django projects. I have no programming background/experience.

    • PyCon 2012 was my first PyCon, I have mixed feelings about the conference & the community.

    • I will be attending PyCon 2013 for two reasons:
      • The conference is less than 2 miles from my apartment.
      • Even though the first year left something to be desired, I feel it's necessary to give it another shot.

    A note about tutorials. I attended two tutorials last year. The first tutorial of the morning spent quite a bit of time just getting people's computer set up to run Python. It'd be great if time was spent the night before or before the tutorials start to ensure everyone had a working computer instead of eating into the core/purprose of the tutorial.

    In no particular order.

    1. I wanna see Mozilla.

      They appear to be a big Python shop, and the geek in me wants to see more from them. If not Mozilla, I'd love to see another large Python shop talk about Python in their day-to-day. Things learned, what they'd do differently, what they wish they could change, drawbacks, strengths, etc. I want the "war stories" having been there, done that. I realize this is generic, but Mozilla built a large toolset/"stack" on Python and I think that's cool.

    2. Robots. More Robots!
    3. Maker's Corner

      This is sort of a continuation of #2. Anything Aurduino + Python, Kinect + Python, CNC, etc. Last year there was a robot that played Angry birds. This could also include Python + embedded and/or Python-On-A-Chip. I know there is a tutorial planned for kids that is focusing on the Raspberry Pi. Home automation, hooks into web-management and/or GUI's, even mobile devices.

    4. [Tutorial] API: 101

      * More Coming*

    5. Deploying your app: Focus on best practices regarding security.

      Tutorials often fall short, sufficient enough to bring up a dev instance to run 'hello world' but when it comes time to take your app to production, there is little in regards actual production deployment and "best practices" that focus on security. How you do it, why do you do it, what do you NOT want to do? There are blog posts and there were even talks last year on tools to deploy your site, but again they fall short of "what not to do" in regards to security.

      I don't care about Fabric or Chef vs. Puppet. I don't care about uWSGI vs. Gunicorn. I wanna know how/where to deploy. User/Group/Permission(s). Directory structure(s) and related permissions. This could also be extended to focus on user(s)/roles on other servers, communicating/authentication with those other servers/services, securing services, and even firewalls. I realize PyCon is a development conference and not a sys admin conference, but hey...a boy can dream!

    6. Salt

      I never understood why (well I know why) people deploy Ruby to manage Python environment. Salt is awesome!

    7. Tools

      Last year someone from Sony gave a presentation on a toolset they built based on Python. Being a sys admin, Python for me is a means to build tools, to make my life easier. I'd love to see talks from others regarding tools built. What those tools started out as, what they are today, who uses them, how do you distribute them to others, management of them, etc. etc.

    That's probably it...though I'm likely forgetting something. If I were looking at the schedule, these would be the things that'd appeal to me the most.

    One other note to the conference organizers who may read this. Find a means to get a count of who is attending which presentation and plan accordingly. I was in a number of presentations that were standing-room only, and then there were presentations in the large conference room with very few people.

    Perhaps another idea would be to not book the last day, and the most popular presentations will appear again on the last day.

    Just my $.03 cents.

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