My Review of Two Scoops of Django [BETA]

  • Thu 28 February 2013

  • In an earlier post I reviewed the alpha release of Two Scoops of Django. Today Danny and Audrey released the "beta" for the book. Again, I had been given an early release to review and give my $.02 cents.

    What's Changed

    From Two Scoop's site, here is what has changed:

    • Added 50+ pages of content while reducing the file size from 5.1 MB to 1.5 MB.
    • Added list of tables, list of figures, and an index.
    • Dramatically improved the chapters on security, testing, logging, admin, and many more.
    • Added so many more code samples that even with the new example numbering system we lost count.
    • Speaking of code examples, most of the code samples in the book are loaded directly out of fully tested projects.
    • Incorporated the feedback of dozens of readers.

    Initial Impressions

    • Holy Shit!
    • Shut up and take my money!

    Allow me to expand on the above. It's nothing like the alpha. EVERYTHING has been improved. They took something that was good, and they made it amazing! The book has been so well polished, it's unrecognizable from the alpha. They've done an incredible job on the layout. The tables are awesome (would love to see a pullout/poster available of simply the tables for reference).

    The amount of content addeded was incredible. Though I never felt there were gaps, there is a lot more information than what existed before and it is so much more well rounded.

    As I was reading chapters 6 - 10, and chapter 12, I kept saying to myself "Shut up and take my money!". I have found incredible value in the book, even more than what existed in the alpha, I'm almost at a loss for words.

    What's Bad

    Sorry, not to be a fanboi, but I can't find anything wrong with the book. Maybe it's my lack of experience/exposure/knowledge but the book is incredible. I believe this book could be a value to anyone from novice to expert, there is something for everyone to learn/take from this book.

    If you were ever in doubt of purchasing the alpha release, there should be NO doubt in purchasing this. This book excited me and makes me want to go play with my Django projects. /fanboi

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