More Git hook greatness

  • Thu 07 March 2013

  • In an earlier post I showed off a git hook post-merge script that allowed me to ensure that if my requirement files changed, it'd run a pip install -U prod-requirements.txt to ensure that the necessary dependancies were met/installed.

    I've extended that post-merge script more and I wanted to share!

    Let me break it down in pieces and explain the parts

    ## if a settings file or a models file change, restart uWSGI
    if [ $(git diff [email protected]{1} HEAD --name-only | grep -E
    'conf/*.py|web_site/*/' -c) -ne 0 ]
            source venv/bin/activate && fab restart_uwsgi

    Like the comment says, I'm checking to see if a settings file (located in web_root/conf/) or if a file changes, I want to restart uWSGI (necessary for these changes to take affect.

    The next piece:

     ## if a migration file exists, syncdb and migrate
     if [ $(git diff [email protected]{1} HEAD --name-only | grep -E
     'web_site/*/migrations/*.py' -c) -ne 0 ]
         source venv/bin/activate && fab syncdb && fab migrate_all

    You don't need to run a syncdb or a migrate (if you're using South) every time you deploy. So I check to see if a new migration file exists, if so, then I run a syncdb and a migrate.

    And last, sadly a "dirty" hack (sort of). By default, nginx uses www-data user/group to serve files and I'm actually managing my server as root (cause real Sys Admins use root! :P)

    ## if a file changed in web_site/ change owner to www-data:www-data
    if [ $(git diff [email protected]{1} HEAD --name-only | grep -E 'web_site/' -c) -ne 0 ]
       source venv/bin/activate && fab change_owner

    What the above does, is checks to see if a file changed in the web_root directory, if it did, it changes the owner and group (this ensures that nginx can serve the necessary files).

    Git hooks have proven to be a time saver. Taking quite a bit of redundancy out of the process/steps necessary to deploy/manage my django projects.

    These of course are written to work with my workflow/habits and may not fit everyone, but my hope is to help those who haven't established a workflow, or to give a starting point for everyone else, and can tweak here/there as necessary to support their workflow/habits.

    I've created a repo with the full post-merge file. The fabfile is located here.

    Questions/comments/advice greatly appreciated and welcomed!

    Comments !