Setting up a Salt master and minion

  • Wed 13 March 2013

  • In an earlier post I used Salty Vagrant to show how to deploy Django with Salt Stack. Salty Vagrant utilizes a masterless configuration and it was recommended that I show how to set up a master/minion.

    So I made this

    If you've read Salt's docs at all, this might look familiar to you, because it is essentially this

    What's important to take away from this

    Both Hosts

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saltstack/salt -y
    sudo apt-get update


    sudo apt-get install salt-master
    salt-key -L
    salt-key -A
    service salt-master restart
    salt '*'


    sudo apt-get install salt-minion
    /etc/salt/minion << Set Salt Master
    service salt-minion restart

    And that's really it! Rather than being too redundant of what already exists in the docs, or doing all the work for you.

    A note

    You may need to restart services on the master/minion (at least in my experience this addresses a few issues regarding communcation between the two). The docs make no mention of this, but again, simply my experience.

    If there is something you'd like seen done/demonstrated, feel free to leave a comment!


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