What would a personal blog be without one of these?

I'm not a lawyer, but it's simple. The views stated on this blog are my own. They are in no way associated with any past, current or future employer.

If you choose to use one of my scripts...let me know. If you extend it, let me know...for no other reason than I'm curious what others are doing, how I could have done it differently, better, etc. etc.

Also, in the event that you use one of my scripts and somehow trash your system. It's not my fault. It works on my box (or I wouldn't have posted it). My advice, load up a virtual machine and test it. Better safe than sorry.

Oh...and you backed up before you did it, right? Just checking... More importantly, you know you can restore? They hire you because you can back up their data, but they'll fire you if you can't restore it.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.